We have found Your Office Limited services to be of great assistance with our accounting functions and administration needs.

Being an engineering firm with both partners very much in ‘hands on' roles, this leaves little time for completing these tasks efficiently and on time, most of this was done out of hours. Since appointing Your Office to carry out these duties we have more time for project and staff management, so we can be assured the company is running effectively and making profits.

Your Office has handled both small and large projects, some involving an increase in staff and work volume by 150%. We are extremely pleased with the systems put in place to ensure all costs are captured and invoiced. During our busy periods Your Office always provides the same level of service throughout, efficient and accurate.

Soanes and Vision Engineering Ltd recommend Your Office Ltd to any prospective customer with the knowledge they are a capable and professional company to deal with.

Carl Soanes
Soanes and Vision Engineering Ltd

Melissa has provided accounting services for a number of my business activities. She carries out those services professionally and in an unflappable manner.

I have had no need to question the accuracy of the information she has provided. She also demonstrates a clear understanding of the businesses and the financial data and is proactive in raising issues which she thinks I as an owner should be concernedwith.

Dealing with Melissa is an uncomplicated process which is what I was looking for. In summary - very good value for money.

Alistair Sutherland

It is with great pleasure that we give a written reference to Melissa Shiels and her business, Your Office. Melissa has worked with us as in integral part of our business since 2003. She totally managed the conversion of the business onto MYOB and has assisted our accountant by providing him with accurate and thorough information.

She has been an enormous help to us, both in her expertise and professional manner. She is able to take the pressure out of the day so we could get on with making money, meanwhile knowing that the 'books' are in safe hands.

As we are a home-based business we have limited room for staff so having the Accounts and PAYE done off site means that our home can be just that. We also are not tying up valuable resource and cashflow in non-income producing staff.

Karl & Kim Thomson, Gardens ‘R’ Us Ltd

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"Great assistance with our accounting functions and administration needs."
Carl Soanes
Soanes and Vision
Engineering Ltd

"Demonstrates a clear understanding of the businesses and the financial data"
Alastair Sutherland